Corona Virus update 24th June 2020

Welcome to our About with Friends website. 24th June 2020

Throughout this Lockdown period About with Friends have continued providing service to many of our members in their homes.
Safety has always come first and we have worked to the frequently changing Government Guidelines.
Members and staff have remained safe and we have worked in different ways to limit the number of members each staff would work with – initially this was one staff member to each member.

During the time we have live streamed on social media every day at 10am, which our members have really enjoyed. The show has included exercise, music, bingo, quizzes, cooking, magic, karaoke and loads more. All members have been sent out a weekly pack including resources that go with the Facebook ie recipes, bingo tickets, NHS and rainbow art work. As well as these members have had wordsearches, spot the difference, drawing, dot to dot, and more.

In addition we have delivered hundreds of meals to members and our elderly lunch club users, as well as Morrisons food bags.

Members are now slowly returning to their Workskills and Respite Service. All in very small groups with their own staff member and in their own sanitised area. We have the advantage of 14 different areas that we can spend time in. Our risk assessment is updated regularly and all members receive an induction on their first return with a video made by our staff explaining what we all need to do. Supervised hand-washing and cleaning of bathrooms after every use – as well as kitchen areas only used by one staff member are working well, with deep cleaning the end of every day.

Most staff are back to full hours, although our shop and café are still closed to the public. Members are taking part in a range of activities, and just so enjoying being back with their friends. Staff have missed the members hugely, its not About with Friends without our members.

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I just cannot thank you enough for taking K my daughter so that she could have fun with her friends on holiday in Milton Keynes, […] it made her extremely happy.

Selfishly for me it gave my wife a much sought after period of respite exhausted after 16 years of constant care. Complete respite is dependent upon the knowledge that your child is in safe professional caring hands. The ‘about with friends’ staff impress me because they display such enthusiastic vocational attitudes towards their care.

This is the best transition I have had for a student in the whole five years I have taught 6th formers!

We cannot tell you what AWF means to us as a family – a lifeline, a light in the dark. Something that has offered our daughter equality, to have a social life and really support us as a family.

I haven’t seen D for ages and he looks like a new man . The stress has gone from his face – he looks great Well done !!!!

After 30 years of trying to get P engaged in activities, he is now, under your care, beginning to grow like a great Oak tree.

Over the last five years I have had a fortnightly, 2 hour designated gardening slot. I highly value your service and ethos.

About with Friends and you particularly, have done some great work with excellent outcomes for D. I was particularly pleased to hear that you are working on integration with the Youth Group as I felt he would miss out on peer interaction if he didn’t come to college.

AWF offers and amazing, caring, supportive group to both special needs adults/children & their families. Since N joined you he has been to some fantastic places, met some amazing friends and done activities we would never have thought he’d do. You have helped our family life improve by making N a happier, more content, confident boy.

I’ve got my life back

Just a short note to thank you all for your help with our daughter. she has spent many years at school with little improvement in her behaviour and speech, yet in just a few weeks she has been with you guys the improvements in both areas are plain to see.

I am not sure what the different methods used are but please continue as you are, as life at the moment for us as a family is greatly improved because of your input.

We are very aware of her complex needs and how she can change like the wind but we will continue to enjoy the fruits of your labours.