Corona Virus update Tuesday 22nd February, 2021

Tuesday 22nd February, 2021

Hope this finds you well,

Following Boris’s announcement our Strategic Team met today, and we all feel we are in a safe position to welcome our members on Work Skills and Bespoke back from the 8th March.

All Safety measures will continue; risk assessments will be followed; infection control measures are all in place. Inductions for our members will be ready for their return ,just to remind you of how it all works so we can all remain safe.

Please note for members who are Clinically Extremely Vulnerable (CEV) – the government has issued the following advice.
People who are CEV should limit the time you spend outside the home; you should only go out for medical appointments, exercise or if it is essential.

If you are CEV, NCC are advising that you do not attend a day service whilst shielding remains in place. If you usually attend our dayservice and are CEV we will keep in close contact with you over the next few weeks.

Members who are on our Leisure programme will also be contacted with a welcome back date – and we can return to small groups in evenings and weekends.

We are all so pleased to be seeing you soon. In the meantime please stay safe – Hands- Face- Space. Lots of handwashing and keep social distancing.

We want you to know we care very much about you all. If you are not coping or need help do ring us and tell us – and we can look at lots of different things to help. Carers let us know too if we can help.

Helen Dalton-Hare, BEM,
Chief Executive Officer
About with Friends.

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After 30 years of trying to get P engaged in activities, he is now, under your care, beginning to grow like a great Oak tree.

Just a short note to thank you all for your help with our daughter. she has spent many years at school with little improvement in her behaviour and speech, yet in just a few weeks she has been with you guys the improvements in both areas are plain to see.

I am not sure what the different methods used are but please continue as you are, as life at the moment for us as a family is greatly improved because of your input.

We are very aware of her complex needs and how she can change like the wind but we will continue to enjoy the fruits of your labours.

Many thanks again for J’s lovely break in Derbyshire with About with Friends. He really enjoyed himself, had loads of fun and told us all about the cable cars, stepping stones, cinema, meals out, etc.! We would be very grateful if you could pass on our sincere thanks to all the staff who organised the holiday and supported our youngsters to enable them to have such a wonderful time. We are also very grateful as we, ourselves, were able to enjoy a short break in Paris, which was wonderful and recharged our batteries!

It was a massive decision for his family to make and by choosing AWF it means they trust totally in the service. I am of the opinion that AWF is the only provision in the county for D and he is very happy to attend.

Over the last five years I have had a fortnightly, 2 hour designated gardening slot. I highly value your service and ethos.

This is the best transition I have had for a student in the whole five years I have taught 6th formers!

A big thank you to yourself and the About with Friends staff for another great trip! J had a fantastic time, going on the Harry Potter Studio Tour, which he had wanted to do for ages and ages.

AWF offers and amazing, caring, supportive group to both special needs adults/children & their families. Since N joined you he has been to some fantastic places, met some amazing friends and done activities we would never have thought he’d do. You have helped our family life improve by making N a happier, more content, confident boy.

I always have a smile on my face after a day with the members of the team. They are all individuals and each, in their own way, bring joy to my life. They are all much appreciated and I enjoy the gardening of course!

Thank you for taking K to Milton Keynes on holiday, it made her extremely happy. Selfishly, it gave my wife a much sought after period of respite after 16 years of constant care.